The answer to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions! 

  1. What is the glue made out of?
    - The L2L glue is Latex Free and made from Acrylic Copolymer and Aqua.

  2. Where is the glue manufactured? 
    - The glue is manufactured in a UK Factory from a UK/EU based company. It therefore complies with all requirements for UK cosmetic adhesives. It is slightly more expensive to manufacture, however, we believe this was the best and highest quality option when choosing the L2L glue. 

  3. What are the lashes made from?
    - Our Mink lashes are made from cruelty free mink hair. The hair is collected from brushing around the time of the shedding. The hair is collected and treated to ensure the softest quality and sanitisation. 
    -Our Faux Mink lashes are made from soft synthetic PBT fibres. They are made from plastic fibres which are conditioned to be as soft as the mink hair. These are vegan friendly. 

  4. What are the brushes made from? 
    - The brushes are made from soft synthetic plastic fibres. They are vegan friendly. 

  5. How many times can you wear the lashes? 
    If properly cared for, the lashes can last up to 15-20 wears. 

  6. Why is the L2L Compact different to any other lash compact? 
    - We hold the design copyright for our L2L Lash tray! We are the only lash company that has space for your glue in the L2L Compact!

    Contact us by email at contactus@looktolash.com if you have any further queries.