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Luxury Lashes & Compact

the original Lash Compact

The only compact with a space for the glue in the middle.

LOOKTOLASH Beauty Brush Set

Lash Compact Refills

Luxury Lash Refills for your L2L Compact
Savings on some of your fave lashes

Spring Sale

Love you all!

I am SO GRATEFUL for all the love and support for my brand! Everything has been carefully sourced and created just for you! You cannot get the L2L Lash tray anywhere else, so let me help you look after your lashes <3

Thank you for all the support and love and i cannot wait to see your lash pics!! Drop me a dm anytime for a chat or for some help choosing which lashes to go for!

- Jess x

Wow Wow Wow! The Lashes are on, absolutely love the glue its amazing!


The best lashes i've had! I love them! 


The eyelashes are amazing! Literally survived me being in a hot tub!


Instaworthy lashes

LOOKTOLASH Beauty Brush Set
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